Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2015

On Dreams.

Have you ever thought about what "Achieving Dreams" means?

Basically we all know that it means "getting to the end of the race and getting what you wanted" which is actually quite a nice thing.
But what if dreams are small things that take time to develop? What if those dreams are things humans cannot see with their eyes?

Going through a change can be difficult in time and reaching your goal and getting to your dream may seem odd to people because your version of your dream is something they cannot scan with their eyes. And we all know that humans have a hard time on believing and accepting things they cannot see. Soon they start to talk and soon they come up with their misbelief and negative comments which can be consuming and very drowing if you ask me. How to deal with that? 
Just because there is a small dream you are reaching for that people actually do not want to see, do not want to believe in because believing in something means putting your trust in something, putting hopes up and getting disappointed is a lot to take. For everything that is possible just believe in yourself. What else is there except believing in a trust or hope or God.
So you have to stand above this negativity to reach your dreams.

In every way. And that is why most people do not dream big. It would be ludacris or insane to other people who do not understand, who do not want to understand. Because they are scared and because they know a lot already so why believing in something that nobody ever did before? There certainly is a high chance to fail. And no one likes to see a fail, let alone being labeled "failure"
So dreaming big means taking risks. You not only tell the world (or maybe just your friends and families) to believe in something they are afraid of, or take a step above them, you are practially saying to reaching something other people would not ever think of. So you have a lot of responsibility to bear. A huge lot of.

And that is mainly the reason no one likes to dream big. Having fear of failure, not believing yourself or in yourself and not wanting to bear such an amount of responsibility. 

But what happens, when you ignore those things that come up with dreaming big and just start to dream a whole lot bigger that you ever thought of yourself? What when you start thinking in ranges you'd never knew and just starting to trust. The question who to trust does not matter. Just trust. 
In you, your belief, pie, nutella or music.

trust and dream.

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